Curtis Torraville is the owner/operator of Curtis-E Movers. In his 25+ years in the moving business, he has pretty much seen it all. On too many occasions, that has meant witnessing other moving companies failing to provide their clients with the level of service that they deserved. This was one of the key motivating factors that resulted in Curtis starting Curtis-E Movers 7 years ago. Curtis’ goal has always been to provide his customers with the quality of service that he would expect himself.


Curtis-E Movers offers guaranteed estimates, meaning, the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. All too often, moving companies will quote one price, then at the end of the move, you’re hit with a bill much larger than you had initially expected because they failed to properly estimate the time your move would take. If we didn’t estimate enough time when providing you with your quote, that’s on us, not on you.


We specialize in moving antiques & breakable items. We guarantee a damage-free move so you can take comfort in knowing that your belongings that carry both sentimental & monetary value will remain safe.


Both our experience in the industry, and our team of movers that have worked together since the inception of our company, allow for us to provide you with the fastest move possible.