How to Hire a Moving Company in 6 Easy Steps

Hiring a moving company is something you would want to consider especially if you want to save up to 40% of your moving cost. With millions of movers emerging every year, it as a minor miracle that most of them go smoothly having no issues whatsoever. With so many movers available shoddy practices and scam do occur. It is in your best interest to be informed about every step in the process.

Here are some few steps you should learn before hiring a professional moving company.

1. Do an Initial Screening

After coming up with a list of recommended movers, it is important that you go online and do a check on their background. You should check if it is a member of the Movers Association. If not, that should automatically rule it out.

You will want to ensure that the company you are dealing with is legit since moving scams are pretty rampant. Pay a visit to the company and see if it is up to standard.

2. Check If The Company is Insured and Licensed 

Most companies offer insurance, but some can cause more harm than the actual cost of hiring them. Their insurance should be carefully scrutinized to make sure it covers everything; it will also enable you to determine on what to and not to pack. Also, you should check if the company is licensed. Have the company provide you with relevant licensing documents.

3. Does The Company have a Good BBB rating?

Make sure that you check out the moving company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This will help you know if the company is reputable. Use BBB reports as a guide. You can call them and ask the number of complainants that the company has on file

4. Check The Physical Address

Visit the company’s website and make sure that they do have a physical address in your area. Having no address or a residential address or they have just listed a P.O Box is an indicator that the business is not legit.

5. Inquire What is Included In Their Rates 

Rates can vary depending on the seasons and days of the week. Are they better rates when you move on specific different days of the week? Inquire if the fuel rates are incorporated in the final bill.

6. Avoid a Blank Contract 

Get absolutely everything in writing; you should not sign a blank contract. The movers estimate on any extra fee should be listed in the contract. Go through the contract and make sure all of your belongings are included.

Bottom Line: Are You Looking for a Moving Company in Oakville?

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